You have what it takes

You have what it takes

It might not feel like it, but you definitely have what it takes to turn around your marriage. You might need to learn to love yourself and take ownership of your emotions. Or you might need to learn how to communicate your feelings and needs. You might even need to ask for some professional help. But all of these are within your reach!

I haven’t looked into it with scientific research. But as far as I can see, almost every person who is unhappy in their marriage lays the blame at the feet of their partner. My husband and I used to do this too! We were guilty of it for years!

What if you were to take responsibility for your own happiness? As soon as you understand that someone else does not make you feel a certain way, you learn that you can alter the way you feel. When you work on self love, your state of mind is more stable, regardless of external events.

When you learn how to communicate in a healthy way, the dynamics of the relationship change. Instead of being at each other’s throats, you become members of the same team. I have watched couples who can hardly look at each other become all smiles as they learn to express themselves in ways that they feel heard. They go from enemies to soul mates and you can too!

Getting help for your marriage

You have what it takes to do this. But if you are unsure of the exact steps to take, you might need to have some professional help. In relationship coaching, we work on your communication skills. They are easy to learn. The difference they make is amazing and immediate. The hard work is in the fact that you need to practice these skills so that they become second nature.

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